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just to get opinons.... - Reign: the Obsession of Alexander

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July 5th, 2003

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12:09 am - just to get opinons....
ok im a bit of a history lover, but for some reason im friends with all math lovers so i dont really get to talk to people about history and different things like that, so im here to ask a few questions and hopefully get some opinions about alexander, if you all dont mind...
1) some people think Roxanne was his sister, others(like me) think she was a princess from balkh, what do you all think?
2)some people think that alexander was homosexual. which could be the reason why he never thought about a wife till Roxanne approached him after he killed her father and conquered he country(or maybe sister who knows), and i know back in those times homosexuality amongst males was a natural thing so what do you all think?
3) and last, some people thought alexander was insane, others think he was pure genius. but the way he would go into battles, many historians think he was truly insane to do that and surprised he made it out alive, but he could be a very smart and skilled and knew exactly what he was doing, just scholars dont understand his theories, so what do you think?
ok thats about it, im just curious to see what everyone here has to say, hopefully my questions didnt offend anyone, i hate to start off on the wrong foot in this community. thanx everyone!
~Rita Pita~
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Date:July 4th, 2003 10:01 pm (UTC)
1.) I am fairly sure she was not his sister, but a wife he took so as to theoretically produce a line of succession.
2.) That's pretty well documented that he was.
3.) I think he was a genius. At Barnes and Noble the other day I saw a book about Alexander's philosophies and how they could be used in war and in business... I haven't read it yet, but the first few chapters were quite excellent and military tactitians have been studying Alexander for centuries so he must have done something right. Perhaps it goes back to that old comment about the thin line between genius and insanity...
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Date:September 29th, 2003 03:23 am (UTC)

1) Roxanne was his wife but, he did have a sister named Cleopatra though. :)
2) In our modern terms the closest would probably be bi-sexual. For Alexander and the people of that time period it was like it is now. Some areas found some things acceptable and some not. Each of the Greek states had rules of their own and they varied a great deal. There was a group (a Greek military group, I forgot which city-state) known as the Sacred Band and they were made up of pairs of friends who had taken a vow to stand or fall together.
3) I think he was sane up until Hepheastion died and then he kind of lost direction. (or at least it seems that way to me.) He was undeniably very smart. I don't agree with some people though who say that he had some kind of higher ideals because he accepted the ways of the Persians and he married a Persian wife (although on this there is some conflict as to what she really was most believe she was Persian). He seems to have done it for the same reasons some other conquerors have done ... to ease the passage. It was either that or destroy the whole society.

The main problem with Alexander's life/history is the fact that there is so little known about the man himself. Most of the speeches and such that were attributed to him are now in dispute and his contemparies knowledge of him has mostly been lost. Ptlomey's autobiography is gone (as are most of his "Succesors"). Most of the knowledge is second or third or worse-hand knowledge of him. A few of his battles are even disputed as having never actually happened. Who knows? LOL.
I just read everything I can get my greedy, little hands on and try to get an overall picture. (I now have over 30 books on him. LOL)

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